Welcome to Elliott Affiliates, Ltd.’s Knowledge Center, where you will find information relevant to owners, occupiers, investors, and contractors in the commercial real estate space. While Elliott’s core focus in the janitorial services segment is about creating clear performance- and outcome-based contract scopes of work and guiding their delivery using a continuous improvement process that delivers exceptional results. Organizations that engage contractors have a myriad of factors to consider when engaging and managing contracted services.

Facility Cleaning Decisions (March / April 2023 Edition)

The March / April 2023 edition of the Facility Cleaning Decisions magazine discusses "best practices [for] assessing custodial training for accuracy and retention" (P. 6-11), "preventing bird issues at commercial facilities" (P. 12-13), lessons learned from the COVID pandemic regarding "cleaning for health" (P. 14-17), and "assessing a cleaning program for areas of improvement" (P. 18-19).

Facility Maintenance Decisions (April / May 2023 Edition)

The April / May 2023 edition of the Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine discusses the usage of numerical metrics in facility management (P. 6-7), energy savings with lighting controls (P. 22-25), lessons learned from the COVID pandemic regarding indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools (P. 26-27), and considerations for selecting and using CMMS (Computerized maintenance management systems) software for facility management (P. 28-29).

ICC Releases Building Security Report and Guidance

FacilitiesNet article on the release of the 2022 Building Safety and Security Report by the International Code Council (ICC), which provides guidance on risk assessment and preparation for potential threats to public facilities. ( Direct link: https://www.iccsafe.org/wp-content/uploads/22-21727_COMM_Building_Security_RPT_FINAL.pdf )

ACI Launches C3 for Ingredient Cleaning Safety

"The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) kicked off National Cleaning Week by launching a redesigned database for its Cleaning Chemistry Catalog (C3), a resource that provides information related to the safety of ingredients used in household cleaning products." ( Direct link: https://www.cleaninginstitute.org/industry-priorities/science/cleaning-chemistry-catalog )

Cleaning Maintenance & Management (March / April 2023 Edition)

The March / April 2023 edition of the Cleaning Maintenance & Management magazine discusses the results of the 2023 CMM In-House / Facility Management Benchmarking Survey Report (P. 10-15), "six simple steps to implement green cleaning within your facility (P. 17-18), promoting environmental sustainability in the context of educational facilities (P. 20-23), and EPA recommendations for implementing recycling programs (P. 26-29).

Candida auris Oubtreaks: What You Need to Know

CleanLink article on the CDC advisory regarding the spread of the Candida auris (C. auris) fungus as of March 2023

Bowling Green State University Adopts Robots to Support Custodians

Cleaning Maintenance & Management report on the recent addition of nine "autonomous cleaning robots" at Bowling Green State University "to help support its custodian staff"

Fast Facts: Breaking Down the Basics of Robots and Cobots

FacilitiesNet article on 5 common questions related to the usage of "automated devices" by the cleaning industry

How Building User Occupancy Affects the Cleaning Industry

In this 11-minute ISSA video, DCS Global representative Randy Burke "discusses how building owners and managers can do to handle the low occupancy issue [since the COVID pandemic] and create a plan that works."

3 Maintenance Benefits of 3D Cameras and Imaging in Facilities

FacilitiesNet article on how 3D cameras and imaging technology can "optimize building operations and maintenance"

Contracting Profits (March / April 2023 Edition)

The March / April 2023 edition of the Contracting Profits magazine discusses the usage of electrostatic sprayers for infection control (P. 8-9), carpet cleaning strategies (P. 10-11), and the results of the 2023 Building Services Contractor (BSC) Market Report (P. 16-20).

Sanitary Maintenance (March 2023 Edition)

The March 2023 edition of the Sanitary Maintenance magazine includes the 2023 Buyer's Guide, which contains "contact information for over 500 suppliers" in the janitorial / sanitation industry.
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