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How Hybrid Workplaces Put Employers At Risk

FacilitiesNet report on how hybrid and remote working arrangements may expose the employer to additional liabilities

ISSA Today (July / August 2022 Edition)

The July / August 2022 edition of the ISSA Today digital magazine discusses disinfection with UVC devices (P. 8-11), automation in the context of the cleaning industry (P. 14-15), and antimicrobial surface treatments (P. 24-25).

Restroom Care Truths

Cleaning Maintenance & Management Report on the protocol for cleaning restrooms

LAX Upgrades Indoor Air Quality with Ultraviolet Light

FacilitiesNet report on how Los Angeles International Airport was able to address indoor air quality with UV systems

Smart Bathrooms Gain Traction Post-COVID

FacilitiesNet report on how "smart" restrooms can "ensure a positive experience" for building occupants

Managing Air Quality During the Pandemic: How K-12 Schools Addressed Air Quality in the Second Year of COVID-19

May 2022 report from ASHRAE regarding the strategies taken by K-12 schools in the US for the purpose of mitigating airborne infection

CDC COVID-19 Guidance for Workplaces and Businesses

Oct. 2021 CDC Guidance "to prevent and reduce transmission and maintain healthy business operations in non-healthcare workplaces"

Inactivate Airborne Pathogens with UV Airstream Disinfection

White paper from UV Resources (uvresources.com) regarding how the usage of UVC within HVAC systems can achieve additional disinfection

The Efficacy of Disinfection

This white paper attempts to answer key questions about the efficacy of disinfection, health risks, and the alternative disinfection solutions available today.

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