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Elliott’s Resource Center section links to resources principally utilized by contractors and service providers to improve their delivered services using the industry’s current available equipment, supplies, and consumables. Elliott is unaffiliated with and does NOT advocate for any specific product or supplier. These links are intended solely as a resource to some of the best suppliers to the janitorial services industry.

Building Services Management (July 2023 Edition)

The July 2023 edition of the Building Services Management magazine includes the 2023 Buyers' Guide, which contains "contact information for products, services, and equipment for building and facility service professionals"; there is also a discussion on "Restroom Germs" (P. 30-31).

ACI Launches C3 for Ingredient Cleaning Safety

"The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) kicked off National Cleaning Week by launching a redesigned database for its Cleaning Chemistry Catalog (C3), a resource that provides information related to the safety of ingredients used in household cleaning products." ( Direct link: )

Sanitary Maintenance (March 2023 Edition)

The March 2023 edition of the Sanitary Maintenance magazine includes the 2023 Buyers' Guide, which contains "contact information for over 500 suppliers" in the janitorial / sanitation industry.

Colgate-Palmolive Announces Recall on Popular Chemical

CleanLink article mentioning the recall of certain Fabuloso cleaners as of February 8, 2023

Wet Dry Vacuums Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

FacilitiesNet article mentioning the recall of three models of BISSELL wet / dry vacuums as of January 12, 2023

Facility Management Systems

Suppliers of facility management software platforms (e.g. facility mapping / maintenance management / space utilization)

Steam Vapor / Dry Steam Cleaners

Suppliers of cleaning equipment that utilize steam vapor or dry steam

Gum Removers

Suppliers of gum removal equipment

Ice / Snow Removal Products

Supplies of ice / snow removal products

Microfiber Products / Mops

Suppliers of microfiber products and mops for janitorial use

Odor Control

List of suppliers of odor control products / devices

Safety Signs / Labels

List of suppliers of safety signs / labels
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