RFP Advisor Sevices

Elliott’s RFP / Bid Advisor services assist companies and organizations in procuring and managing the best choice in cleaning services programs. The services range from individual coaching and advice to managing the outsourcing effort.

Advisor Sessions

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Elliott provides one-on-one and group consultation sessions enabling you to discuss your cleaning program and assess your need for any of our applications or services.

Whether you have an in-house or outsourced cleaning program, our experience with over 500 contracts in multiple industries can help you identify systemic problems. Often initial sessions can be accomplished over the phone or with a web conference. More engaged sessions can include facilitating company meetings where strategic and tactical goals can be discussed.

Key Questions To Explore During Our Discussions

  • Are you getting the performance for which you are paying for?
  • How do your costs and performance compare with local, regional and national indicators?
  • How do you define, measure and manage services?
  • Which type of contractor / vendor is suited for your corporate / operational needs?
  • Can you improve your facilities operations effectively and at a lower cost?
  • Should we re-bid our contract?
  • How do we effectively transition vendors?
  • Can we benefit from a performance / incentive-based Contract?
  • How can we get objective data quickly and easily regarding our contractor’s performance?


Qualification Funnel

Elliott’s Qualification Service screens interested contractors for operational and financial capability. We identify the most capable and compatible contractors for the outsourcing project you are implementing.

Elliott has a vast network and deep experience working with qualified vendors. We will work with the vendors on your behalf – gather information and tailor the analysis to your specific needs. This is often done “blind” so the vendor only knows the general size, type and geographic location(s) of your buildings. The Qualification covers the following areas:

  • Company Profile and Cleaning Profile
  • Incentive or Performance Based Experience
  • Green Cleaning and Chemical-Free Cleaning Knowhow
  • Financial Capability and Strength
  • Geographic Resource Capability
  • Insurance / EMF Analysis

Financial and Operational Risk Analysis

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Elliott evaluates and compares Bidder proposals to identify your performance failure risks. It provides you with a checklist of risk areas for discussion with Bidders in your screening and selection process.

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Risk Analysis is the best strategy for preventing program failure, before the contract is signed.

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What’s the cost of a failed contract? Occupant complaints, out of control costs and a degradation of your company’s image. Once on this track, even your reputation and standing within the company and the broader industry becomes diminished. With a cleaning industry failure average of 40%, Financial and Operational Risk analysis can be a lifesaver.

Outsourcing Manager

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Elliott’s Outsourcing Manager Services encompasses the entire RFP / Bid process and is a comprehensive effort that establishes specific, coordinated, systematic approach to meeting your cleaning goals.

Our purpose is to improve your operational return on investment resulting in these benefits:

  • Improve Building Cleanliness
  • Reduce Service Delivery Costs
  • Increase Management Control
  • Reduce Occupant Complaints
  • Improve Cleaning Performance
  • Facilitate Process Improvement

Cleaning requirements are defined and financial and administration issues are reviewed within the framework of your buying policies, regulations and practices.

In addition to goal consensus building and final bid award analysis, managing the outsourcing process utilizes a number of Elliott’s Services and Applications:


Elliott will utilize the eSpecX application in working with your team to develop the optimal specification aligned with the goals of the organization.

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Bidder Qualification screens interested contractors for operational and financial capability. It identifies the most capable and compatible contractors for the outsourcing project you are implementing.

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Financial Analysis

Elliott evaluates and compares Bidder proposals to identify your performance failure risks. It provides you with a checklist of risk areas for discussion with Bidders in your screening and selection process.

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Almost Half A Century of Experience – Maximizing ROI

Elliott has been a trusted advisor to many large organizations and institutions and has been reviewing cleaning contracts since 1973. We have been involved in over 500 RFP/Bid proposals in industries ranging from Financial Services, Hospitals, Energy, Education and more. Drawing on this experience we create a relationship between you and your vendor that clearly outlines what is expected and assures these expectations can be competently met or exceeded.


“We were very glad we chose to work with [Elliott Affiliates]. They truly showed why they are a leading and very professional organized authority in the cleaning market. The value of performance-based test data for new industry changing technologies is tremendous, especially when it comes from established experts as Elliott Affiliates. The project absolutely was a partnership, rather than us handing over a project like any other.”
“Having several Class A buildings under this program for several years, we have greatly improved our cleaning process while reducing our costs. The system shifts the burden to the vendor to perform at levels acceptable to our standards and design the procedures to achieve those levels. At the same time it gives them the opportunity to make a bonus based on overall cleanliness and customer satisfaction. It requires the vendor to manage him or herself more closely, and we don’t pay for unneeded services.”
“We get lots of reference calls from our vendors who are seeking other contracts and they use us as a reference point. And, whenever I talk to potential clients of theirs, I always tell them that we have a performance based contract and that leads to lots of questions about how we do that operation. And then the conversation invariably turns towards Vince and his methodology and I always endorse it and I have no hesitation in doing that.”

Case Studies

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