In Focus

Elliott’s In Focus features means and methods to improve specific performance related deficiencies that have been observed and noted in our inspections, or are recurring deficiencies over time. While not submitted as the definitive ‘solutions’ for specific problems, In Focus provides a library of potentially useful strategies for addressing performance shortfalls.

Hard Floor Heroes: Take on the Challenges of Hard Floor Maintenance

This 63-minute ISSA webinar discusses "identification and maintenance procedures for hard floors," "the top floor care challenges and how to address them," "steps to protect surfaces through the power of floor finishes and sealants," "tips to help you tackle scratches, scuffs, and stains with confidence," and "strategies to increase productivity and do more with modern tools and processes."

Summertime Is Pest Prevention Time

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on "removing and controlling insects and rodents in commercial facilities"

New Guidance for Stopping the Spread of Illness in Schools

Cleaning Maintenance & Management report on the CDC's new guidance for "Preventing Spread of Infections in K-12 Schools" (as of May 17, 2024)

Air Quality 2.0: Shaping IAQ Now and Into the Future

This 65-minute ISSA webinar discusses the "sick building syndrome," monitoring of indoor air quality, "IAQ strategy for older buildings," "smart building" technology, and other low-cost strategies for improving indoor air quality in commercial buildings.

Slippery Floors

Cleanfax article on common causes of slippery floors in commercial buildings and how the cleaning process may contribute to the issue

Strengthen the Synergy of Cleaning & Disinfection: Discover Strategies to Safeguard Public Health

This 61-minute ISSA webinar discusses "cleaning for health": "How to identify the germiest areas in facilities"; "How to effectively use cleaning and disinfecting products on surfaces"; "How to justify increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting"; "Why a focus on improving indoor air quality is critical today"; and "How to build confidence in the staff cleaning your buildings"

The Down and Dirty on Cleaning in Virus Season

CleanLink article on disinfecting "high-contact areas" during the "annual outbreak season"

Spread Cleanliness, Not Germs

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on "best practices for preventing cross-contamination"

Facility Productivity Strategies: Unleashed

This 61-minute ISSA webinar discusses "leveraging advanced strategies to enhance a facility’s productivity [to] lead to significant cost savings, increased occupant satisfaction, and heightened operational efficiencies."

Should You Use Optical Brighteners on Carpet?

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article that cautions against the use of optical brighteners on carpets

The Importance of Hygiene in Higher Education

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on how to maintain a "hygienic-focused campus"

Need-to-Know Carpet Equipment Components that Affect IAQ

CleanLink article on the possible implications of carpet care equipment and methods on indoor air quality
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