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Elliott’s Industry Trends features forward-thinking ideas on where the industry is heading, including addressing best practices, design considerations, productivity enhancements, and other ideas that will shape how owners and occupiers of commercial real estate plan their best practices. These articles are intended to stimulate ‘out of the box’ thinking about how to deliver the optimum environment for each industry’s unique needs.

Facility Management Journal (July / August 2024 Edition)

The July / August 2024 edition of IFMA's FMJ magazine discusses "utilizing AI for operational efficiency" (P. 28-32), "planning for inclusivity in healthcare facilities" (P. 33-37), "leading geographically-dispersed FM teams" (P. 46-51), "navigating natural disasters with business continuity strategies" (P. 56-59), "safeguarding the workplace against acts of targeted violence" (P. 63-66), and "starting and maintaining momentum throughout the sustainability journey" (P. 72-75).

Cleaning Maintenance & Management (July / August 2024 Edition)

The May / June 2024 edition of the Cleaning Maintenance & Management magazine discusses using "technology to advance green cleaning" (P. 8-9), using the summer break for schools to conduct deep cleaning (P. 12-13), the "workloading process" for cleaning services (P. 14-15), minimizing infection risk via the process for cleaning and disinfecting restrooms in healthcare settings (P. 22-25), and maintenance of "baby changing stations" (P. 32-33).

Facility Maintenance Decisions (July 2024 Edition)

The July 2024 edition of the Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine discusses "leveraging technology to optimize facilities management" (P. 4-5), "renting light construction equipment" for grounds and landscape maintenance (P. 10-13), and "IAQ [indoor air quality] in the post-pandemic age" (P. 18-20).

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Professional Cleaning

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) "in the cleaning industry... to manage and perform cleaning tasks and related operations"

How AI and IoT are Transforming the Commercial Cleaning Industry

In this 20-minute ISSA video, Todd Jones of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services discusses the "implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)" to make cleaning practices "more efficient, effective, and sustainable."

Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Effective in Managing Infection Transmission

Cleaning Maintenance & Management report on a study showing that "using dry hydrogen peroxide on surfaces" is strongly correlated with reductions of "surface microbial load" and "volatile organic compound (VOC) levels"

EPA Proposes Restrictions on Common Cleaning Chemical Solvent

CleanLink report on the EPA's "proposed rule under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) that would protect workers and consumers from exposure to the solvent n-methylpyrrolidone (NMP)"

Facility Cleaning Decisions (May / June 2024 Edition)

The May / June 2024 edition of the Facility Cleaning Decisions magazine discusses "using self-analysis to bolster school cleaning operations" (P. 6-10), "odor control" in the context of educational facilities (P. 12-14), and burnishing floors (P. 15-17).

ISSA Today (May / June 2024 Edition)

The May / June 2024 edition of the ISSA Today magazine discusses the chemistry of cleaning products and "the importance of labels" (P. 8-11), "innovation and technology" in the cleaning industry (P. 12-15), and "six sustainability practices" to "save money and the environment" (P. 22-23).

Building Services Management (June 2024 Edition)

The June 2024 edition of the Building Services Management magazine discusses the 2024 Cintas "America's Best Restroom" contest (P. 12-13), "restorative floor care" (P. 16-17), "far-UVC technology" for air disinfection (P. 18-19), "extending the life of floors with improved appearance" (P. 20-21), and identifying and eliminating the source of odors (P. 26-27).

A Return to Sustainability: Trends in Professional Cleaning Programs

In this 8-minute ISSA video, Spartan Chemical representative Bucky Snell "discusses the returning demand for sustainable cleaning."

Synbiotic Cleaning Products: A Game-Changing Moment for Cleaning?

In this 11-minute ISSA video, Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner (Senior director of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council) discusses "synbiotic" cleaning products.
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