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Elliott’s Industry Trends features forward-thinking ideas on where the industry is heading, including addressing best practices, design considerations, productivity enhancements, and other ideas that will shape how owners and occupiers of commercial real estate plan their best practices. These articles are intended to stimulate ‘out of the box’ thinking about how to deliver the optimum environment for each industry’s unique needs.

Cleaning Maintenance & Management (July / August 2023 Edition)

The July / August 2023 edition of the Cleaning Maintenance & Management magazine discusses MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) audits (P. 10-11), restroom cleaning for educational facilities (P. 16-22), "how to seal and protect grout" (P. 30-31), and adapting to "the switch to smart restroom technology" (P. 32-34).

How to Implement Vacuums into Daytime Cleaning Schedules

CleanLink article series on daytime vacuuming as a part of routine cleaning

ASHRAE Issues Standard on Airborne Infections

FacilitiesNet article on the ASHRAE Standard 241 ("Control of Infectious Aerosols") released in June 2023, which "establishes minimum requirements to reduce the risk of disease transmission by exposure to infectious aerosols in new buildings, existing buildings, and major renovations"

2023 Smart Airports & Regions Expo

The 8th Smart Airport & Regions Exposition is scheduled for July 19-21, 2023 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. "The SMART Airports & Regions Conference & Exhibition focuses on SMART strategies, opportunities and innovations that development, design, technology and the internet is bringing to environments, communities and cities."

ISSA Today (May / June 2023 Edition)

The May / June 2023 edition of the ISSA Today magazine discusses women in leadership in the cleaning industry (P. 12-21), "germs in buildings" (P. 28-31), "the potential of robotic automation and augmented reality in facility management" (P. 32-34), and environmental sustainability in the context of schools (P. 36-39).

Resilient Flooring Technology Delivers New Life to Old Floors

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on "flooring renewal" as a possible cost-effective maintenance option

Building Operating Management (June / July 2023 Edition)

The June / July 2023 edition of the Building Operating Management magazine discusses the effect of "indoor environments" on "workforce productivity" (P. 10-11), water-conserving restroom fixtures (P. 16-18), and "emergency action plans" (P. 19-21).

Facility Maintenance Decisions (June 2023 Edition)

The June 2023 edition of the Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine discusses "centralizing maintenance activities" (P. 4-5), improving energy efficiency (P. 6-11), battery-powered equipment (P. 12-14), and CMMS upgrades (P. 20-22).

Building Services Management (June 2023 Edition)

The June 2023 edition of the Building Services Management magazine discusses the importance of "clean restrooms" (P. 12), emergency response (P. 18), sensors for detecting unauthorized smoking (P. 20-21), and "malodor issues" associated with "no-water urinals" (P. 28-29).

Facility Cleaning Decisions (May / June 2023 Edition)

The May / June 2023 edition of the Facility Cleaning Decisions magazine discusses "emergency preparedness" (P. 10-13), "challenges and benefits of daytime vacuuming" (P. 14-16), and "re-evaluating any facility cleaning program" (P.18-19).

Cleaning Maintenance & Management (May / June 2023 Edition)

The May / June 2023 edition of the Cleaning Maintenance & Management magazine discusses "tips for finding the best cleaning service for your facility" (P. 8-9), "resilient flooring technology" (P. 10-11), allergen prevention strategies related to floor surfaces (P. 12-13), hard flooring options for public buildings (P. 14-17), and choosing water-resistant flooring systems and minimizing flood damage (P. 24-28).

CDC Specifies New Air Ventilation Guidelines for COVID-19

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on the CDC's updated guidelines (as of May 12, 2023) for "ventilation in buildings"
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