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Elliott’s Industry Trends features forward-thinking ideas on where the industry is heading, including addressing best practices, design considerations, productivity enhancements, and other ideas that will shape how owners and occupiers of commercial real estate plan their best practices. These articles are intended to stimulate ‘out of the box’ thinking about how to deliver the optimum environment for each industry’s unique needs.

Smart Windows Offer Modern Solution for Middle Tennessee State University

FacilitiesNet article on the adoption of "smart windows" by Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) for the purpose of saving energy and improving occupational comfort

Cleaning Maintenance & Management (January / February 2023 Edition)

The January / February 2023 edition of the Cleaning Maintenance & Management magazine discusses cleaning in K-12 schools (P. 8-9), infection control (P. 14-18), "how to use your cleaning products to their fullest extent" (P. 21-23), spraying drones for exterior cleaning (P. 26-28), and surface disinfection with UV light (P. 29-31).

Facility Cleaning Decisions (January / February 2023 Edition)

The January / February 2023 edition of the Facility Cleaning Decisions magazine discusses dealing with excess inventory of cleaning supplies (P. 12-14), spot cleaning for carpets (P. 16-18), and the preparation of facility management staff for leadership roles (P. 20-21).

Facility Maintenance Decisions (February / March 2023 Edition)

The February / March 2023 edition of the Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine discusses the "green roof" at the Javits Convention Center in New York City (P. 8-13), the transition to electric vehicles for grounds maintenance (P. 14-17), addressing staffing challenges for maintenance and engineering at educational facilities (P. 22-24), and the evolution of restroom products (P. 25-27).

Improving Air Quality in Schools Goes Beyond COVID-19

FacilitiesNet article on why improving air quality in schools is still important even after the COVID-19 pandemic (and possible steps to address this issue)

Building Services Management (February 2023 Edition)

The February 2023 edition of the Building Services Management magazine discusses routines in vacuum cleaning (P. 18-19), action plans for improving indoor air quality (P. 20-21), and floor cleaning equipment (P. 26-27).

Overcoming Facility Maintenance Challenges With Technology

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on the applications of technology in facility maintenance

Improve Facility Safety by Lessening the Effects of VOCs on Lighting

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on how volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can affect indoor lighting fixtures (and thus pose a potential safety risk) and how LEDs can be a possible solution

How Product and Process Innovations Will Tackle Restroom Hotspots in 2023

This CleanLink article argues for the usage of touchless fixtures and people counters in restrooms for potential cost savings and efficiency gains

Contracting Profits (January / February 2023 Edition)

The January / February 2023 edition of the Contracting Profits magazine discusses the selection of floor cleaning equipment (P.6-9), usage of sealed hand sanitizer dispensers (P. 10-11), and sustainability considerations with facility management (P. 16-19).

Facility Maintenance Decisions (January 2023 Edition)

The January 2023 edition of the Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine discusses a Michigan high school's adoption of 405nm lighting for continuous disinfection (P. 8-11; note that the reference to "UV" in the print version is technically a misnomer, as 405nm is in the visible range); "operator safety and comfort" considerations when selecting grounds maintenance equipment (P. 12-15); and building automation systems (P. 16/18).

Building Operating Management (January / February 2023 Edition)

The January / February 2023 edition of the Building Operating Management magazine discusses various approaches to energy efficiency (P. 6-13), usage of MERV 13 filters at a New York City high school (P. 14-17), and the water quality of facilities (P. 20-21).
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