Industry Trends

Elliott’s Industry Trends features forward-thinking ideas on where the industry is heading, including addressing best practices, design considerations, productivity enhancements, and other ideas that will shape how owners and occupiers of commercial real estate plan their best practices. These articles are intended to stimulate ‘out of the box’ thinking about how to deliver the optimum environment for each industry’s unique needs.

Inactivate Airborne Pathogens with UV Airstream Disinfection

White paper from UV Resources ( regarding how the usage of UVC within HVAC systems can achieve additional disinfection

The Efficacy of Disinfection

This white paper attempts to answer key questions about the efficacy of disinfection, health risks, and the alternative disinfection solutions available today.

Field Usage of Alternative Deicers for Snow and Ice Control

2017 report from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) on non-chloride deicers

The Dirty Dozen and Your Image

List of 12 most common high-touch points

What We Saw at NFMT 2015

New findings from the NFMT 2015 Conference

What We Saw at NFMT 2014

New findings from the NFMT 2014 Conference
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