Resource Center

Elliott’s Resource Center section links to resources principally utilized by contractors and service providers to improve their delivered services using the industry’s current available equipment, supplies, and consumables. Elliott is unaffiliated with and does NOT advocate for any specific product or supplier. These links are intended solely as a resource to some of the best suppliers to the janitorial services industry.

Conventional Floor Sweepers

Suppliers of conventional floor sweepers

Floor Maintenance Pads

List of suppliers of floor maintenance pads

Floor Maintenance Products

List of suppliers of chemicals used in floor maintenance

Entrance / Walk-Off Mats

Suppliers of entrance / walk-off matting

Probiotic Cleaning Products

Suppliers of cleaning products based on probiotics (live bacteria that are considered beneficial)

Hypochlorous Acid Products

Supplies of hypochlorous acid products (e.g. ready-to-use spraying cans, on-site generation devices, and/or tablets that release HOCl when dissolved)

General Cleaning Supplies

Lists of distributors of general cleaning supplies

Gloss Meters

List of suppliers of gloss meters (for testing floor shine or lack of thereof)

ATP / Contamination Testing

List of suppliers of ATP / contamination testing products

Restroom Cleaning Systems

Suppliers of restroom cleaning systems

Escalator Cleaners

Suppliers of escalator cleaning equipment and tools

Electrostatic Sprayers / Foggers

Lists of suppliers of electrostatic sprayers / fogging machines
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