Resource Center

Elliott’s Resource Center section links to resources principally utilized by contractors and service providers to improve their delivered services using the industry’s current available equipment, supplies, and consumables. Elliott is unaffiliated with and does NOT advocate for any specific product or supplier. These links are intended solely as a resource to some of the best suppliers to the janitorial services industry.

Autonomous Vacuums / Sweepers

List of suppliers of autonomous vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers

Conventional Vacuum Cleaners

Suppliers of conventional vacuum cleaners

Upper-Room UVGI / Ceiling-Mounted Fixtures

List of suppliers of upper-room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) and ceiling-mounted fixtures for air purification

HVAC / In-Duct Upgrades

List of suppliers of HVAC-based (e.g. in-duct) systems for improving air filtration / purification

Indoor Air Quality

List of suppliers of air filtration units and other related products for improving indoor air quality (IAQ)

Smart Restroom Systems

Suppliers of "smart" restroom devices and related management systems

Conventional Floor Scrubbers

Suppliers of conventional floor scrubbers

Autonomous Floor Scrubbers

Suppliers of autonomous floor scrubbers

Touch-Free Restroom / Hand Sanitizing Devices

Suppliers of touch-free restroom and related hand sanitizing devices (e.g. faucets, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and standalone hand sanitizing stations)
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