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Indianapolis International Airport Installing 50 Pluie Self-Sanitizing Changing Tables

CleanLink report on the planned installation (as of March 2023) of "self-sanitizing diaper changing tables" at Indianapolis International Airport that apply UV-C to the surface after use

Facilities Embracing Smart Technology for Infection Control Practices

FacilitiesNet article on how "smart cleaning technologies" such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors can be used to clean "proactively" and reduce cross-contamination risk

Is Fungus the Cleaning Industry’s Next Biggest Challenge?

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on preventing fungal growth and possible mold removal strategies

Building Operating Management (March / April 2023 Edition)

The March / April 2023 edition of the Building Operating Management magazine discusses "energy management systems upgrades" at the Lansing Convention Center in Michigan (P. 10-12), "remov[ing] noisy distractions" to "attract workers back to the office" (P. 14-15), "smart technology in infection control" (P. 16-18), and preparation for wildfire threats (P. 19-20).

Germ Busters: Ongoing Strategies for Clean & Healthy Facilities

This 58-minute ISSA webinar discusses the strategies for "protecting facility inhabitants from infectious diseases."

EPA Safer Choice Program and the Cleaning Industry: The Next Big Move

In this 17-minute ISSA video, EPA representatives Jennie Romer (Deputy Assistant Administrator for Pollution Prevention) and David Widawsky (Division Director, Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention) discuss "the U.S. EPA's Safer Choice program and what it means to the cleaning industry."

A Look Ahead at the Cleaning Industry

CleanLink article series on expected developments to the cleaning industry as of early 2023 (such as sustainability, automation, and efficiency in general)

Building Services Management (March 2023 Edition)

The March 2023 edition of the Building Services Management magazine discusses maintenance of concrete floors (P. 9), "indoor green walls" as a possible approach for improving occupant health (P. 14-15), maintenance of lawns (P. 16-17), hand hygiene (P. 20-21), floor care technique (P. 22-23), and anti-graffiti coatings (P. 30-31).

How Do Robot Vacuums Work?

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on the technology used by robotic vacuums

Fast Facts: Ergonomics Factors into Physical and Mental Health for Workers

CleanLink article on ergonomic considerations of cleaning equipment for janitorial workers

Pro Tips on How to Care for and Maintain Hard Floors in Commercial Buildings

In this 13-minute ISSA video, Spartan Chemical representative Andrew Wolfe discusses "hard floor care best practices."

White Paper Released on Citrus-Based Cleaning Solutions

CleanLink article mentioning a white paper by ProNatural Brands on the applications of citric acid in professional cleaning contexts
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