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Green Does Not Necessarily Mean Safe

FacilitiesNet article on the distinction between "green" cleaning products and safety from a chemistry standpoint (e.g. pH and corrosivity)

Contracting Profits (July / August 2023 Edition)

The July / August 2023 edition of the Contracting Profits magazine discusses "promoting hand hygiene with efficient soap usage" (P. 6-8), the results of the "2023 Facility Executive Contractor Expectations Survey" (P. 14-17), and usage of AI in the context of building service contractors (P. 18-19).

Cleaning Maintenance & Management (July / August 2023 Edition)

The July / August 2023 edition of the Cleaning Maintenance & Management magazine discusses MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) audits (P. 10-11), restroom cleaning for educational facilities (P. 16-22), "how to seal and protect grout" (P. 30-31), and adapting to "the switch to smart restroom technology" (P. 32-34).

How to Implement Vacuums into Daytime Cleaning Schedules

CleanLink article series on daytime vacuuming as a part of routine cleaning

Ever-Present Germs in Buildings

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on microorganisms in "the built environment" and the various environmental factors that can increase contamination risk

5 Adjustments Cleaning Pros Make To Improve Restrooms

CleanLink article on addressing common mistakes in restroom cleaning

Building Services Management (July 2023 Edition)

The July 2023 edition of the Building Services Management magazine includes the 2023 Buyers' Guide, which contains "contact information for products, services, and equipment for building and facility service professionals"; there is also a discussion on "Restroom Germs" (P. 30-31).

ASHRAE Issues Standard on Airborne Infections

FacilitiesNet article on the ASHRAE Standard 241 ("Control of Infectious Aerosols") released in June 2023, which "establishes minimum requirements to reduce the risk of disease transmission by exposure to infectious aerosols in new buildings, existing buildings, and major renovations"

2023 Smart Airports & Regions Expo

The 8th Smart Airport & Regions Exposition is scheduled for July 19-21, 2023 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. "The SMART Airports & Regions Conference & Exhibition focuses on SMART strategies, opportunities and innovations that development, design, technology and the internet is bringing to environments, communities and cities."

ISSA Today (May / June 2023 Edition)

The May / June 2023 edition of the ISSA Today magazine discusses women in leadership in the cleaning industry (P. 12-21), "germs in buildings" (P. 28-31), "the potential of robotic automation and augmented reality in facility management" (P. 32-34), and environmental sustainability in the context of schools (P. 36-39).

Study Shows Impact of Disinfectant Contact Time and Formulation

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on a 2023 Purdue University study regarding the effect of contact time on "disinfectant efficacy against Candida auris (C. auris) when using disinfectant towelettes on hard, non-porous surfaces"

Trends in Hard Floors: What You Need to Know About Today’s Hard Floor Materials and Cleaning Systems

This 68-minute ISSA webinar discusses "best cleaning and care practices" for maintaining hard floors.
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