Welcome to Elliott Affiliates, Ltd.’s Knowledge Center, where you will find information relevant to owners, occupiers, investors, and contractors in the commercial real estate space. While Elliott’s core focus in the janitorial services segment is about creating clear performance- and outcome-based contract scopes of work and guiding their delivery using a continuous improvement process that delivers exceptional results. Organizations that engage contractors have a myriad of factors to consider when engaging and managing contracted services.

Defining Quality and Recording Common Defects

In this 30-minute video, Ron goes into the details of how common defects should be recorded as part of the inspection process.

Inspection Objectivity and Accuracy

How should inspections be done to ensure that the results are an accurate representation of a building’s condition?

Why Do Inspections?

Why are inspections necessary, and how should they be conducted? This video presents a nine-minute discussion of how inspections contribute to the success of cleaning programs.

Key Performance Indicators

How do you define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be objectively measured and actively managed for constant improvement? This video presents a 13-minute, detailed review of the critical process for creating concrete definitions of the KPIs necessary for achieving your Performance-Driven success.

Introduction to Performance-Driven Management

What does it take to become an extraordinary manager of Building Services?

The "Fractured Banana": A Price-Quality Curve for Services

Explanation of the price elasticity of cleaning services

The Falling Sky and the NLRB Ruling on Co-Employment

A recent NLRB ruling regarding the definition of joint-employment status suggests that task-based contracts for janitorial services may pose additional legal risk for buyers.

The Dirty Dozen and Your Image

List of 12 most common high-touch points

Ethics and Dirty Toilets

Are dirty toilets to blame for questionable behavior by building occupants?

What We Saw at NFMT 2015

New findings from the NFMT 2015 Conference

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