Welcome to Elliott Affiliates, Ltd.’s Knowledge Center, where you will find information relevant to owners, occupiers, investors, and contractors in the commercial real estate space. While Elliott’s core focus in the janitorial services segment is about creating clear performance- and outcome-based contract scopes of work and guiding their delivery using a continuous improvement process that delivers exceptional results. Organizations that engage contractors have a myriad of factors to consider when engaging and managing contracted services.

Upper-Room UVGI / Ceiling-Mounted Fixtures

List of suppliers of upper-room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) and ceiling-mounted fixtures for air purification

HVAC / In-Duct Upgrades

List of suppliers of HVAC-based (e.g. in-duct) air filtration systems

Indoor Air Quality

List of suppliers of air filtration units and other related products for improving indoor air quality (IAQ)

Conventional Floor Scrubbers

Suppliers of conventional floor scrubbers

Autonomous Floor Scrubbers

Suppliers of autonomous floor scrubbers

Floor Scrubbers

List of suppliers of floor scrubbers

Inactivate Airborne Pathogens with UV Airstream Disinfection

White paper from UV Resources (uvresources.com) regarding how the usage of UVC within HVAC systems can achieve additional disinfection

The Efficacy of Disinfection

This white paper attempts to answer key questions about the efficacy of disinfection, health risks, and the alternative disinfection solutions available today.

The Best Outsourcing Practices

Vince describes 15 "best practices" for selecting a cleaning contractor.

The Training Myth

How should training for cleaners be conducted? The "traditional" approach might not be best.

The "OIC" Rule

Vince explains why following the "Only Item Condition" rule when recording cleaning defects is a good way to improve a cleaning system.

Performance-Based Outsourcing

How does performance-based outsourcing benefit all parties involved, and how would it be implemented?
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