Welcome to Elliott Affiliates, Ltd.’s Knowledge Center, where you will find information relevant to owners, occupiers, investors, and contractors in the commercial real estate space. While Elliott’s core focus in the janitorial services segment is about creating clear performance- and outcome-based contract scopes of work and guiding their delivery using a continuous improvement process that delivers exceptional results. Organizations that engage contractors have a myriad of factors to consider when engaging and managing contracted services.

Building Services Management (February 2023 Edition)

The February 2023 edition of the Building Services Management magazine discusses routines in vacuum cleaning (P. 18-19), action plans for improving indoor air quality (P. 20-21), and floor cleaning equipment (P. 26-27).

Overcoming Facility Maintenance Challenges With Technology

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on the applications of technology in facility maintenance

How Product and Process Innovations Will Tackle Restroom Hotspots in 2023

This CleanLink article argues for the usage of touchless fixtures and people counters in restrooms for potential cost savings and efficiency gains

Contracting Profits (January / February 2023 Edition)

The January / February 2023 edition of the Contracting Profits magazine discusses the selection of floor cleaning equipment (P.6-9), usage of sealed hand sanitizer dispensers (P. 10-11), and sustainability considerations with facility management (P. 16-19).

Facility Maintenance Decisions (January 2023 Edition)

The January 2023 edition of the Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine discusses a Michigan high school's adoption of 405nm lighting for continuous disinfection (P. 8-11; note that the reference to "UV" in the print version is technically a misnomer, as 405nm is in the visible range); "operator safety and comfort" considerations when selecting grounds maintenance equipment (P. 12-15); and building automation systems (P. 16/18).

Protecting Your Workers From Cold Stress

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on how to keep outdoor workers safe at low temperatures

Reducing Your Use of Rock Salt

Cleaning Maintenance & Management article on the negative aspects of relying on sodium chloride (NaCl) for deicing and possible approaches for reducing its usage

Building Operating Management (January / February 2023 Edition)

The January / February 2023 edition of the Building Operating Management magazine discusses various approaches to energy efficiency (P. 6-13), usage of MERV 13 filters at a New York City high school (P. 14-17), and the water quality of facilities (P. 20-21).

Bring Your Buildings Back With Retro Commissioning

FacilitiesNet interview on "retro commissioning" for improving the energy efficiency of facilities

Lighting Technology Helps Reduce Hospital Infection Rates

FacilitiesNet article on the usage of antimicrobial "luminaires with 405nm technology" at the Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC)  in south central Tennessee

Building Operating Management (December 2022 Edition)

The December 2022 edition of the Building Operating Management magazine discusses the usage of UV technology in the municipal buildings of Santa Clarita, CA "to improve air quality" (P. 14-15), other benefits of "sustainable buildings" beyond environmental considerations (P. 16-17), and recent "trends in restroom design" (P. 18-19).

Dedicated Outdoor Air System Sparks Revival of New York City Tower

FacilitiesNet article on the planned redevelopment of Lever House in Midtown Manhattan that includes "a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), which will deliver 100 percent outside air to tenants"
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