Chairman’s Corner

Elliott’s Chairman’s Corner features brief commentary about performance / outcome contracting and thought leadership. It is a storehouse of concepts, writings, and references to what’s most important to achieving the outcomes each organization desires when outsourcing specific services.

The Falling Sky and the NLRB Ruling on Co-Employment

A recent NLRB ruling regarding the definition of joint-employment status suggests that task-based contracts for janitorial services may pose additional legal risk for buyers.

Ethics and Dirty Toilets

Are dirty toilets to blame for questionable behavior by building occupants?

How is the cleaning industry changing from a buyer’s point of view?

In this 2-minute ISSA Interview, Vince Elliott discusses how the industry is changing from the buyers point of view and touches on performance versus task frequency contracts.

What does a buyer look for in choosing a contractor?

In this 3-minute ISSA Interview, Vince Elliott discusses what buyers are looking for in a contract and explains the “Four Ps” of cleaning contracts.

Triple Bottom Line

Vince argues that the "Three Cs of the Business Seat" are a prerequisite of the often-cited "Triple Bottom Line" of "people, planet, and profits."

Don’t Be A Guinea Pig: Hiring The Right Cleaning Contractor For The Job

How do you know that the contractor that looks the best on paper is actually the best one for the job?

Protect Your Company From Outsourcing Villains

Elliott’s RFP advising services can be your superhero in your next outsourcing event.

Defining Clean: The Usual Suspects

What are the most common cleaning defects?

Sustainable Cleaning Services

At what point is operational success integrated into the decision process?

The Value of Clean

An ISSA report showed that keeping facilities clean makes has major financial implications.

What Do The Numbers Mean?

A brief explanation of how to interpret various numerical readings that may appear in inspection reports

Putting the Hype to the Test: Ionized Water

Can "ionized water" really be effective for cleaning floors?
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