The Value of Clean

Investment in “Clean” Pays Off

The ISSA recently published an info-graphic which does a great job of illustrating the potential rewards for a investing in a cleaner facility. The gist is that the lower the amount of sick days your employees take a year, the more productivity and benefit your business or organization receives. The ISSA states that an average of 7.7 sick days per worker per year translates to over $200 billion dollars in lost productivity. For a 100 person office/facility, cleaning properly can boost productivity up to 8%, which equates to about $125,000 savings on a yearly basis.

Customers Prefer Clean

ISSA also points out that your customers prefer clean over value, speed, convenience, and variety – noting that 94% of folks would avoid a business if they had a dirty restroom. It may be a “duh” moment for some people out there but that does not mean that cleanliness is always “top of mind” in the boardroom when making investment decisions. So for those of you who are in your 2014 planning sessions and budget battles with finance – you may want to look at your cleaning budget and calculate what you could gain by having a better – and need was say “performance driven” – cleaning program.

Happy planning.

The Value of Clean – ISSA

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