What We Saw at NFMT 2015

Cathedral Stone Products

We were impressed with the rigor the folks at Cathedral Stone put into scientific analysis. With all the snow the northeast has nad this winter you can bet some of the buildings are worse for wear and tear and could use what Cathederal has to offer. Check them out at: http://www.cathedralstone.com.

RectorSeal’s SureSeal

Sometimes we can overlook the little things. The SureSeal trap seal from RectorSeal claims to eliminate the need for costly water trap primers. If you are looking for an alternative to trap primers you might give the folks at RectorSeal a call. Learn more information about SureSeal and RectorSeal’s other products at: http://www.rectorseal.com/index.php/sureseal/.


We see a lot of old buildings being rennovated for the modern business and Connectrac’s products are a good alternative to tearing up the floor to provide power and data to the right places. Check them out at https://connectrac.com/.

Little Giant Ladder Systems

These ladders have been around for a while but watching the demo at NFMT made us want to have one. Oh, the new projects we would complete now! The newer versions have a lot of safety features that make the business case for having one around for those special cleaing situations. You can pick up one at selected stores – just google it.

Thank You!!!

Finally, we would like to thank you for stopping by the booth and exploring the SpecOptimizer tool and discussing the EA Inspect applicaiton that we will be relasing soon.

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