What We Saw - NFMT 2014

What We Saw at NFMT Baltimore 2014

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We had a great time at the NFMT show this year and delighted that it was held in our own backyard. While there were many (too many?) exhibits and great things to learn, we thought we would share with you some of the companies/exhibits we thought were cool/interesting. You can find a short description and their website linked below:

Unger Global

Unger Global

Unger Global offers a lot of cleaning tools for the industry however, for Ray Orwig, Elliott Affiliates inspector, it was the water-fed pole cleaning system that stood out at the show. "I was interested in the company for my client who has issue cleaning high glass in big lobby areas. They contract the job out and could probably clean it themselves for much less." Ray was quoted as he took a needed rest from all the walking at the show.

UV Resources

UV Resources

"I thought that UV RESOURCES was an interesting company. They provide UV sanitizing products for homes and commercial buildings to kill harmful germs in the air handling system" said Vince Elliott - founder and President of Elliott Affiliates. UVR has a number of products to choose from and technical details on why and how their products can benefit you on their website.

NXT Wall

NXT Wall

This company caught my eye because they seemed like they were from the future. Having destroyed some drywall in my time I can appreciate any product that could alleviate the need for sledge hammer and dry vac. NxtWall might just be that option as they allow you to create walls that are modular and easy to change

Big Ass Fans

Big Ass

Finally, a shout out to the best named company at the show (I am sure their products are great too). Big Ass Fans caught my eye... well, because of the name and they had some really big fans on display. Apparently they were named by their early customers who would call (when they were under another name) and ask - "Aren't you the company with the big ass fans?"


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